Catering Order (containing 100 straws)

Catering Order (containing 100 straws)

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BEST CHEESE STRAWS!! The product is light & crispy in texture with a unique flavor as compared to other products. Samplers have often labeled these cheese straws to have a bit of a "kick" that keep them coming back for more. Established in Huntsville, AL



My most favorite place to shop!! I am in there one or two times a week.. staff is amazing all super sweet and very helpful.. owner is amazing as well.. I will continue to support small businesses.. love you guys

Jennifer C.

"This store is absolutely stunning! The staff is helpful and this store offers a variety of products! From beautiful custom bedding and linens, to amazing home decor and gifts, you can’t forget the outstanding wine selection..this is my new fave store in our area!"

Kelsey L.

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